2010 Pac Cup, Pro Forma Summary.

Start on Starboard, Tack to Port ASAP
Port board to Mile Rocks layline, Tack
Sail approximately 1220 nautical, Gybe onto Port
Sail to Finish

Truth be told, we put in two extra tacks before Pt. Bonita to stay in touch with our Division…
And, 823.6 miles out, who really knows what lies ahead. But, at present it looks like you could have sailed this Fun Race to Hawaii tacking twice and gybing once.

So, today’s first big fun was…

All needed them, but not all took them. (ick)
We have a fresh water nozzle at the stern, so there are few acceptable excuses.
Stronger suggestion may be required tomorrow!

Next big fun was the gybe. Everyone was experiencing the strange phenomenon whereas it seems one leg is decisively shorter than the other, so we decided to gybe and start sailing towards Hawaii. The left leg will have a chance to rest, now.

We had a chafed sheet that needed to be changed, so Sully got to leave the boat for a bit of fun. Once we sorted out the choreography in the relatively tiny cockpit, it went pretty smoothly. But, after the gybe, we noticed a small tear in the kite. We did a pretty quick baldheaded drop, fix, band, bag and relaunch. So much for that freshly showered feeling. In the end, we figured this was better (and probably a whole lot less to botch) than two peels.

Chile Mac with Beans was a big hit for dinner. Hopefully no significant downside to that…

We’ve put a lot of faith in NOAA’s 96 hr surface forcasts… Hoping our routing keeps us in fresh breeze, where others may stumble into some light stuff. Fingers crossed.

(and if anyone from Horizon is reading this, I may or may not be bluffing)

822 to go!

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3 replies
  1. Summer Wind
    Summer Wind says:

    Hi Barry and Crew,
    One of the important jobs on any small craft is to keep clean. remember the demise of the salad bags. PHEW!!!
    Seems like you guys are doing great. We won’t let anyone on the Horizon know what you are doing. Mum’s the word.
    Keep dancing and may the wind gods be kind!!!
    Dick and Elle Lassman

  2. franco
    franco says:

    Hey Barry,
    Well I keep trying to send you a comment but Google keeps thwarting my best efforts. Trying again. Showers, just take the recalcitrant bastards, put them in a harness and toss them over the side — well that might slow you down too much, so tie them to the deck, aim for a squall, lather them up and scrub them down with a bilge brush! That should do it. Re the beans, I feel sorry for the crew. I guess with you in the cockpit they will all have to go forward — oof weight on the bow but how else to get away from that unique Barry odure 11

    Keep on trucking

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