A Nice Day…

Not too much to report from Day 7… 18:30 PDT.

A nice roll call of course, and a close dual for second shaping up. We’re very pleased to be in the hunt for a top spot. Our Ti leaves are drying out, and need to get home asap! 610 NM to go.

(plus the level of slap happy and inappropriate humor is on an uptrend)

All of the “fresh” food was finally disposed of today. Any meat implying a need for refrigeration was discarded. Still, no shortage of food aboard!

Fresh squeezed lemonade was served out of Mt. Gay Rum cups this afternoon, refreshing for all, but disappointing to most!

(apologies to Mike Priest for inappropriate use of the sacred logo cups!)

Winds on the lower side – happy with our reachy course so far… 13-15 knots most of the day. Can’t imagine it’s better for those more south of us.

Only time will tell. Geesh – 2 minutes between us and Deception. Glad they’ve sorted out their water ingress issues at their rudder bearing, so we won’t feel bad trying so hard to beat them!

To M.L. “Happy Cow!”

Cheers to all,

Barry and the Hula Girl Guys (this would be a very bad name for a band)

Official race tracker is: http://www.ionearth.com/2010/pacific-cup/
Our Spot tracker page is: http://tinyurl.com/hulagirl

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  1. michelle
    michelle says:

    Your first single could be “the 13 days of Pac Cup”!! And if you need a name for your band, let me know!
    rmle, plat, tb, and of course, all of the happy cows…

  2. Summer Wind
    Summer Wind says:

    Not sure about a band name but we are sure M can help. Maybe a new logo too. Glad to see you guys are in contention. The track has you close to the lead. Keep it going and now is the time to push.
    Safe sailing and good winds!!!!
    Dick and Elle

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