2017 Banderas Bay Regatta Wrap Up

Last week was our annual clinic and regatta combo in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  Three days of J/World racing clinic with set the stage.  We hosted daily morning lectures then hit the water on our fleet of J/80s for practice on sail trim, boathandling, spinnaker work, crew communications, strategy, tactics, starting, and rules.  The breeze for the initial days was pretty solid, reaching around 16-18 in the afternoons.  The weather?  Shorts. T Shirts. Sunscreen.  Ideal.

Then it was three days of racing!  We still did lectures in the morning and debriefs at the end of the day, and coaches were aboard the boat at all times, so the learning curve continued steeply for the duration.  The breezes were a bit lighter for the actual racing days, but the competition was solid and everyone had a great time.  In the 20-something fleet, J/World boats managed first and third overall, so congratulations teams!

So here is the visual summary: