Can’t Wait to Get Racing? We Understand…

TRANSPAC is nearing and berths are filling up fast. Yes, you can still get one and yes, it will be an amazing experience. Still, we hear some of you saying to us, “But it doesn’t start until the week of July 3rd! I just can’t wait that long!” We completely understand and we have a solution:

California Offshore Race Week


If you just can’t wait to feel the thrill of racing or you want to hone your skills so that you can take on all comers, this is the perfect event for you and it is happening at the end of May. Seemingly tailored to J/World’s world renowned style of sailing instruction, this event gets the adrenaline pumping early and keeps the momentum with increasingly longer and more challenging stages. Combining 3 previously separate events, the Spinnaker Cup, a revamped Coastal Cup and the second running of the SoCal 300, it has become a racer’s paradise. Every start is a new opportunity to excel. Every stage the chance to learn new skills and increase your proficiency. It is an incredible learning and racing opportunity.

Click here for more information or Contact Us. Berths are available. Act now to get yours.