Uh oh.

Our plan was working…Until it wasn’t. 165 miles to go… We’ll know tomorrow how we did. Enjoying the ride for now on this fast, fun but sweaty, hot and stinky boat. (as opposed to the wet, cold stinky boat it was just a few days ago)

Doesn’t appear that our lot is increasing during this port tack drag race to the finish. More headers than we’d like to see. Hoping to claw back the hour or so lead Deception gained yesterday, but expect it to be challenging. No matter the outcome tomorrow, this is an AMAZING charge to the finish.

If you don’t like this, you don’t like offshore sailing.

All good aboard “The Girl.”

Apologies for a pretty lame blog. Nobody stepped up to take editorial responsibilities away from me. The coaches have been busy with regard to our watch schedule, driving, navigation and the more mundane shipboard duties of housekeeping, sail repair, kite packing, food prep, dishes, etc.

The J/World customer participants on our team have settled in and stepped up in all areas, from spinnaker peels, banding and packing, trimming and grinding, hanging on while the boat slides sideways after a sheet (the “Sully”) gets fouled during a 30 knot “puff” from a squall, filling drink bottles with various color and flavoring substances, indulging in a endless potpourri of snack fud, determining the most appropriate hot sauce of the three for specific freeze dried meals, (Cholula on most, but definitely Tabasco on the Polynesian Chicken), crafting various nicknames for Kevin (a.k.a. Sully, Deck Ape, Looney Tunes, Bow Monkey, Monkey Boy, Curious George, Curious Jorge, Jorge Curioso, JC, and Boots, so far.) – even driving this great boat!

Wish us luck on our final 165!

Thanks to all who have supported us in this effort: J/World Partners, and the spouses and significant others of all aboard. We appreciate this great opportunity.


Barry, Wayne, Geoff, Kevin, Mark, Tom, Rick, Vern, Bob

Official race tracker is: http://www.ionearth.com/2010/pacific-cup/
Our Spot tracker page is: http://tinyurl.com/hulagirl

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  1. franco
    franco says:

    Hey Barry,
    Looks like a great race for you all. Re the wind, the four times I did it, all those years ago in the last 200 miles, port tack the wind always went forward. We would go from a run to a broad reach, to a close reach, twice had to finish under white sails — hope they have a great welcoming party for you and trays of mai tais
    Take care, hope you hold off Deception and overtake War Pony.
    Do you have the traditional escort of dolphins?

    All the best to you and your crew.

  2. Summer Wind
    Summer Wind says:

    Hey gang,
    We have been following you everyday and are as excited as you are. It has been an amazing race and you are doing great. Those last 100 miles are the hardest but we know you can run real fast. So get that crew moving and beat all those others. Glad that all went well and you are safe. Have fun and Congrats again.
    Aloha and welcome to Hawaii!!!!!
    Dick and Elle

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