Hula Girl is Dancing


Kite up at 0900! 1.5 oz 3A to be exact. Hopefully tolerant of our course and 22-25 kt winds.
So, the Hula Girl is dancing, on her return to Hawaii!

Most of the gang still on deck, so I assume they’re liking it!
Since the kite went up, we’ve been averaging 14.5 knots with the top speed recorded just over 20 knots.

920 down. 1150 to go!

Casualties of the dry ice meltdown have been discarded. Some on deck were not too pleased by the aroma as they jetisoned the nearly explosive bag salads.

Not sure we’ll be able to tear down the course with the kite up at night, but expecting to sag down to rhumbline, and reach back up during the night. In the meantime, Wayne and Kevin fighting for wheel time – damn near have to pull Kevin off the wheel!

Best to all,

Barry and the crew of Hula Girl

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  1. Anastazja
    Anastazja says:

    Thanks to all of you on HG and to my sweetie Vern for the Birthday serenade yesterday! You made my day! I hope you are having the ride of your lives – it sure looks like it from this end of the tracker screen. Best – Anastazja

  2. Diane Karle
    Diane Karle says:

    keep the snicker bars flowing. If you need an emergency drop – I’ll figure something out. Cheering for all of you from Napa!!

  3. Summer Wind
    Summer Wind says:

    Keep the music going!!!! 14.5 average is awesome for us Turtles. Hey, We’ve eaten Barry’s cuisine so enjoy all .
    Let the winds soar on your tail and keep dancing along. We are rooting for you. Stay Safe.

    Dick and Elle

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