First tastes of the fun race today!

A 245 mile day is a pretty good day, by any stretch. Though scored in 5th so far, our remaining 1315 miles could mix things up a bit. We’re sailing the boat pretty conservatively, so unlikely that we’ll be able to catch the experienced programs who are dialed-in for this sort of thing. (and unlikely that I’ll be able to claim a bottle of Mt. Gay sitting at the KYC bar for the first to finish between Horizon and us.

Wind looks like it could go light, south of the rhumb line as the High ticks north and east and some influence by what seems to be a low energy low to the south of us.

Had a reef in the main for several hours today, as winds were consistently over 25. Pretty much held the same speed with the reefed main, gen staysail and blast reacher. 17 is the top speed recorded so far…

Spot should be updating as I send this. Hopefully the blog is, too. (as I had reports that it wasn’t)

On a positive note, all aboard took part in tonight’s main course: Lasagna with Meat Sauce. That’s a good sign!

Spot should be updating as I write this.

Best to all!

Barry and the Hula Girl Boys

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