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Strongest Storm Ever Measured ?!

It’s been said for a long time the Puerto Vallarta is a natural ‘hurricane hole,’ a harbor offering mariners protection from the severe storms that are generated in summer months over the warm Pacific waters.  The old town PV is nestled in the south-eastern corner of Banderas Bay, just at the base of tail end […]

J/70 North Americans

This is going to be a short report as well.  There are some excellent summaries of the regatta already circulating.  As for J/World, we had three boats entered in 2015 J/70 North American Championships in San Diego, and three coaches involved with various teams.  As you might expect in a hotly contested one-design fleet with […]

Big Boat Series

Hey all, I know it’s a bit late, but the past month has been completely hectic. So now I’m going to catch up. First off, let’s cover the St. Francis Big Boat Series.  I was fortunate enough to sail with a great group aboard a pretty new J/88.  This is a new and quickly growing […]

2015 Transpac Gallery

So while we still haven’t compiled all the onboard photos and video from the 2015 Transpac, we were treated to some great shots from photographer Lauren Easley, so check these out (and then you can check out her whole gallery at www.leialohacreative.com.   J World’s Hula Girl reaching towards the finish line… That’s the finish mark ahead […]

2015 Transpac Finish Line Report

After some 2225 miles of ocean racing, we just about have the finish line in sight! Well, here aboard Hula Girl we certainly had our trials and tribulations on this one. The light and difficult conditions for the first days of the race made for some really tough going. Then I got us stuck in […]

Midnight Ramblers…

Hey all friends and family, just a bit overdue in getting out a report from onboard Hula Girl in the 2015 Transpac, but here we go. So after our slow start and getting pinned in the funk- wind plagued southern lane on the way to Hawaii, we finally managed to get out and into the […]

Parking Lot in Paradise…

Man, it’s nice out here. A couple gorgeous days and nights of sailing. The blue skies had some pretty spectacular cloud formations, a full 360 degrees around us. The water has the shade of aqua that you only seem to get when you are out in the deep blue. And it’s some three miles deep […]

Highs and Lows…

Rolling along, beautiful day here in the deep Pacific Hula Girl in the 2015 Transpac Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu. We are currently on day 5 of our race, and have some 1500 miles to go. Yep, we have averaged somewhere around 140 miles a day up until this point. And for a boat […]