In early October, we hosted our 2015 Offshore Racing Seminar.  This course came into being since many of you out there wanted to delve into the world of ocean racing on medium and long distance races, and it is really, really tough to gain the experience required to either do it on your own boat, or have the necessary skills to get invited aboard other boats and be a valuable team member.

Our seminar began with three days of classroom and onboard sessions, going over everything from rig types and sail selection to watch keeping and meal planning.  Then we headed out on a 500 mile offshore passage from San Francisco to San Diego.  It was blowing a gale (literally) offshore the day before our departure, but the forecast showed that she was going to blow herself out and become  painfully light the following day.  So we split the difference.  As soon as the offshore buoys indicated the breeze was backing off and the barometer rising, we shoved off.  Our midnight departure made a beautiful exit under the Golden Gate Bridge!

Well, we got a bit of breeze that night, but overall the run down the coast was uncharacteristically light for this time of year.  Regardless, we had a lot of productive time and a great group of people aboard.

Next up for Hula Girl is the 2016 San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race.  Limited berths still available!

Wayne Zittel and the J/World Team