2015 Transpac Gallery

So while we still haven’t compiled all the onboard photos and video from the 2015 Transpac, we were treated to some great shots from photographer Lauren Easley, so check these out (and then you can check out her whole gallery at www.leialohacreative.com.


Hula_Girl_FR-22J World’s Hula Girl reaching towards the finish line…

Hula_Girl_FR-20That’s the finish mark ahead of us, 2225 miles from California!

Hula_Girl_FR-19The Hula Girl team, looking good.  We have had a bit of practice by this point.

Hula_Girl_FR-15Our finish off iconic Diamond Head.

Hula_Girl_FR-6The sense of accomplishment at the finish of a passage like this is like nothing else…

Hula_Girl_FR-7High-five’s all around.  This team was truly great!

Hula_Girl_FR-3Hula Girl team looking forward to a Mai Tai (or two) and greeting family and friends in Honolulu.

Hula_Girl_FR-4Thanks again to the all the Hulagains for a job well done!