Ok, you know it is a good regatta when there is just way too much going on to get my daily reports in!  Man, between the beautiful sailing conditions, the competitive fleet racing, and the fully hosted dinner/party tent each night, we had our hands full!

Team J World aboard our Hula Girl charging the weather mark.

There was a pursuit race.  There were two days of windward-leewards.  There were two distance races.  There was a Gold Cup race.  There was a hosted dinner on a remote beach.  There were dinners every night.  And there was a closing ceremony dinner outside, on the point, which was a blowout that I won’t even begin to attempt describing.  You just have to come see it for yourself.

Katana downwind, Hula Girl upwind.

We had a new crew aboard Hula Girl, and in an event like this, wow we had our hands full!  We swapped drivers.  We moved trimmers to the bow and grinders to the trim.  We shuffled things up continually so all of our clients got a feel for big boat racing in a truly grand-prix event.  I was really impressed with how all of our team rose to the challenges.  Many of them had never sailed a boat like this at all, to say nothing of jumping right into a competitive fleet like we had at MEXORC!  Despite all the trials and tribulations, I thought we posted some pretty good finishes…  too bad we couldn’t seem to sail to out rating.  We were the second slowest rating boat in our class and had to fight through a lot of dirty air all week, but we just couldn’t seem to correct out over some of the bigger/faster boats.

On the pursuit race…  we seem to be catching a lot of the small boats…  a good sign… 

But no worries.  It was a fantastic week, and everyone learned a ton.  MEXORC in Banderas Bay.  It doesn’t really get any better than this.

Pre-start maneuvers.

That’s what I got.  Sorry it’s late.  Thanks team for a great event!  And if you are interested in joining J World’s Hula Girl for some racing, the next event we have room in is the 2013 Newport to Cabo Race

Wayne Zittel and the J World Team