2012 Banderas Bay Clinic and Regatta Wrap Up

Last week J World Puerto Vallarta hosted our annual Banderas Bay Clinic aboard our fleet of J/80s.  The three day session immediately precedes our participation in the ever popular Banderas Bay Regatta.  Per usual for winters in the Banderas Bay area, sailing conditions were extraordinary…

A couple of our J/80s, loving the sun, loving the breeze…

With a great group of racers joining us, we had a very productive clinic in some ideal conditions.  Boathandling, sail trim, sail handling, strategy, tactics…  and a whole day of starting practice!  Teams were formed, trash was talked, and maybe some margarita-based wagers were placed.  Then is was off to the real races…

Port tack upwind was a almost square into the waves
making for some challenging conditions
Teams moved from boat to boat and had a different coach each day. The J/80s raced mostly windward leeward and triangle courses (while many of the cruiser divisions had looonng reachy races).  I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but this place is absolutely awesome.  I have been fortunate enough to sail all over the world, and it’s a rare day when the sailing elsewhere rivals the average day in Banderas Bay.  Just look at these shots…  I have a whole camera full of them.  Blue skies, clear water, temperatures just over 80F/26C…  no foulies, no jackets, no long sleeves…  if this isn’t perfect, I can’t imagine what is.

When the spray settled and the last of the sunscreen had been washed off the smiling faces, it was off to the awards dinner, a huge fiesta out on the beach at the Paradise Village resort.  In order of finish:

1st Place: Team Canada was Tom (Sug), Tom (Cookie), and Greg.  
2nd Place: Team Girl Power was Bev, Martha, and Elaine.
3rd Place: Team Co-Ed was Irene, Roger, and Roberta.    

It was great to see how much everyone improved over the course of the week, and we expect great things from this group in the future…  so watch out if any of them show up on your home waters!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for now.  Only one more moth remaining to get your wintertime blues fix in the land of sunshine.  

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  1. "SUG"
    "SUG" says:

    Many thanks to the j-World team for their expertise in keeping it simple and getting it done right.JB/RT/WZ/CRIS for pouring out all your knowledge and information to truely make us all better racers/sailors…..”sug”

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