Hula Girl’s Notebook Computer R.I.P.

Hi all,

Barry here… Hula Girl’s Notebook PC took a dive off the navigation table last night, so no more emails to/from the boat. Sorry.
The team will have to navigate to SF the old fashioned way: using one of the two GPS/Chartplotters. LOL!
(but they do have charts and a sextant aboard – and numerous handheld GPSs).
I spoke via sat phone to Wayne and at 14:22 PDT, they were at 38 57N by 131 07W, averaging a course of 82 deg at an avg speed over ground of 9.2 knots. They were 404 miles west of the San Francisco approach buoy, a.k.a. “the Lightship.” They could be at our dock Sunday morning, but I suspect more likely between 2-4 PM.
They will broadcast more frequent position reports via their SPOT messaging device as they near they approach (thank you partner West Marine!)
We’ll have a little dockside welcome party for them, logistics permitting! Let me know if you plan on meeting the Hula Girl and her crew at our dock or need additional information to do so.
(email bdemak at
Hang Loose, Hula Girl!