2010 Hawaii To San Francisco Cruise Wrap-Up

In late July, Hula Girl departed Oahu for California with a crew of offshore cruising students and yours truly as skipper. With a strange year for the return weather, we ended up sailing almost all the way… we motored for something like six hours thru the very bottom corner of the Pacific High, but that was about it. We cranked off the miles, and got back to CA in about 13 days.

We had a truly fantastic group aboard the boat, and it was an absolute pleasure to get to sail with each and every one of them. Everyone did a great job, and made it easy on me… they sailed the boat over 2000 miles (I think the autopilot was on for only three hours when motoring!) and should be proud proud of what they accomplished.

The good times are too many to mention, but we expect an upcoming cinematic release to document the journey (right Jorge?)… I will take pause to mention this highlight: Jon and Madeline getting married as we sailed in under the Golden Gate bridge after 2000 miles at sea! Very cool….

Anyway, I’m not sure what else to add… I could literally write for days describing the nights at sea, the sensation of the Hula Girl cutting thru the ocean, the camaraderie of the crew, and so on…. but I’ll spare you all my ramblings and share some photos:

Hula Girl in Hawaii
Leaving the Islands

Joe In Command

Double Rainbow Mid Pacific…

Madeline at the helm… and making a fashion statement!

Crew polishing off dinner, enjoying the last bit of another sunset…

Jorge making it look easy… hey, is that a squall out there??

A full rainbow! With a double! You don’t get ’em like this at home…

Barry keeping watch.

The night shift.

Life on board, at an angle…

The Honeymoon Suite. The Ritz it ain’t, but the the view is a solid ten stars.

Coming to the aid and transferring a battery to our friends on Deception, 1000 miles from the nearest speck of dry land.

Jon and Madeline… the happy couple…. awwwww….

A brief pause in the calm of the Pacific High… enjoying the view from aloft and swimming in 15,000 feet of clear, clear water…

The view from below


Hula Girl heads for the barn.

Many thanks to Joe, Barry, Jorge, Jon, and Madeline for a great trip…

All the best,

Wayne Zittel for the Hula Girl crew


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