Hula Girl Hawaii to California Cruise Reports

We are getting regular updates from the crew Hula Girl on our annual Hawaii to California offshore cruise.  

Tuesday, July 29

Hula Girl is humming along today. Averaging 10 KT of wind and about 6 KT boat speed throughout the day. Mellow seas and a happy crew. We played with reefing today and did a few man over boards just to make sure we don’t lose Jasper along the way.  We also took a brief detour to chase a flock of birds that were fishing – we have two most excellent hand lines in the water – one squid and one minnow and we are hoping for a tuna sooner rather than later. Just after dropping our lines we were checked out by a shark cruising by – pretty cool! Also lot’s of algal blooms that are accumulating and drifting with the current. We used a make-shift plankton net to collect some and check it out. Waters are pretty much teaming with life around here! 

Hula Girl, Mid Pacific (photos from previous HI-CA trips)

Chris wins best dinner (as of yet) award – North African couscous! I win an award for not puking today and finally having my sea legs. Jasper wins sleeping on the job award. And well Anne is keeping us all in line and that deserves an award!

Other than that we are at 24 50.186 by 156 05.543 and we are in touch with the rest of the group. We will figure out why the autopilot hates us….

Signing off for now…

p.s., Where the *&^%^ is the peanut butter!?!?

Wednesday, July 30

Sparky here again. Today was a good day at sea. Again we had mellow seas, 8-10 KT winds and averaged about 6 KT boat speed. My sea legs left me again but they are on their way back… The peanut butter saved us all – thanks for that! 

Good Food = Happy Crew (photos from previous HI-CA trips)

The big news of the day was the lovely 10 lbs Mahi Mahi that we caught. The menu included a tuna tartar (with red onions, soy sauce, chili flakes and capers) followed by tuna fillets fried with garlic and olive oil accompanied by a Greek slaw with feta cheese, black olives, and fresh tomatoes. Today was a great food day!  We will dump the minnow lure and do all squid. We are aiming for a blue fin. 

Boat wise Hula Girl is doing well and the autopilot likes us again. It seems we will be trying to tuck under the Pacific High – so far the plan looks as though it may work. Jasper is still on board and there are no mutinies to report! Hope all is well at home base!

Our location is 26 57.780 N 154 30.145 W – crew spirits are high – all stomachs are full!

Rock on,