Hawaii to California Cruise Reports Continued…

The reports from Hula Girl in the midst of our annual cruise from Hawaii to California.  Sounds like they are getting close to the high…

Saturday August 2

Hi Wayne,

The wind has been holding between 80-120 degrees but usually not making it past 8 KT (and the 8 only last about 15-20 minutes at best) – with that we have been motoring a lot today but getting our exercise putting the jib up, then down, then up, then down, and on and on. 

We are on the rhumb line home (48 degrees) and holding steady. If these wind forecasts are worth their salt we make be able to hold steady all the way – there is one pocket in about 500 miles that may be bad but if we hit it just right we might be golden… 

Full Double Rainbow, Mid Pacific on a previous HA-CA Cruise

Now on to the most important parts of our day: FOOD

Sparky is back in the saddle. After letting a HUGE one slip away on the sugar scoop (almost dove in after it – the crew is all on high alert for Sparky overboard if there is a blue fin in question) this morning we were able to hook two magnificent Mahi Mahi at the same time and land both! We had Chris on one hand line and me on the other – it was beautiful! The fish are getting bigger to boot – one was about 20lbs the other just under 15lbs. We have fish for days!!! We started lunch with a lovely tartar with capers and red onion etc… followed by crispy fried fish tacos with Bosnian style slaw. Heaven! Then we went for a fish and fresh vegetable coconut curry over rice for dinner – thank goodness we are a spicy boat. Soon we will start experimenting with the dessert menu.

[note from Wayne:  I am worried about the crew. I suspect they have been in the sun too long..  If theyare seriously thinking about incorporating fish into the deserts, I am worried.  Fish Brulee?  Tiramahu?  (Or would is be Tiramahi?)   Pescado Pudding?  Mousse d’ Mahi-Mahi?  Argh, I don’t feel so good… ]

We just hit 8 KT sailing – HOT DAMN – San Francisco here we come!!!

This is the fat and happy crew of the Hula Girl reminding you that butter and flour should be a standard provision on all sailing boats – the possibilities become endless…

May the force be with you!