Hawaii to San Francisco Cruise – 2008

Our 2008 offshore cruise from the Hawaiian Islands to San Francisco departed Oahu on Saturday… we’ll be posting periodic updated from Capt. Eugenie and the team as the make the crossing:

Day 1
0945 Local Time (HST); 23.49N x 157.46W

After a bit of a rough night, winds consistent ENE to NNE but increasing from beginning of trip 10-12, to 12-14, to 14-18, and up to 18-24 around midnight. Then down to 6. And since 4 am we have seen a slow increase to 14-16 here and now. Sea is a bit confused NE up to 12.

We are heading north, north, and north, as much as they can drive. Average 7kts. Morale is good, just fed them big breakfast, egg cheese meat burrito should help for the ones with nada in stomach.

Cheers, Euge