Great beginning to the Ha Ha on J/World….

At 10/26/2009 10:36 PM (utc) our position was 32°13.86’N 117°18.97’W
Our course(COG) was 191T, and our speed was 4.9.
Wind was 9.3.

Flying Fish, Catching Fish, Eating Fish….

All aboard are doing great… As I write, we are about 10 NM S of the Coronado Islands. After a light air start, we were kite reaching towards the islands. After enjoying a fresh salad, I hoisted a second kite – my yellow fish kite, not yet named. While flying about 60 ft off the stern, a real fish chomped on the the pink lure we were trailing. FISH ON! Eugenie pulled it aboard, said a bunch of nasty things to it. We sailed through the middle islands and she put the finishing touches on the filets. The wind picked up, we were able to turn south a bit, and time for some fresh Skip Jack sashimi. Judy prepared a wasabi inferno soy sauce!

Wind is lightening… a bit more swell…

Hopefully it will freshen a bit, but doesn’t seem likely at the moment.

Hi to our family and friends from Judy, Mark, Ray, Eugenie and me – The J/World Baja Ha-Ha Crew.

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