Ha Ha!

Well, the Baja Ha Ha hasn’t officially started, but the fun has.

Friday was boat projects: diagnosing the steaming light, deck light and stern lights that didn’t survive the Nor Cal weather last week and troubleshooting a leaking water tank. We managed to get 2/3 of our provisions taken care of on Saturday. It seems like sooo much stuff, but it will begin to dissapear, and the extras will be a good start for the Cabo to PV leg. We put the battens in the main and loaded the sail and flaked it on the boom. Off to the skippers meeting and one last mini-marathon at Von’s, and we have bread, eggs, fruit, veggies, cookies, crackers, etc. Rental car returned, and finally, the big send-off at West Marine this afternoon.

The boat parade starts at 10am and the gun goes off at 11am for the start of Baja Ha-Ha XVI. Next stop Turtle Bay. The weather forecast calls for a light first 24 hours, with building breeze into the night on Tuesday and significant overnight breeze. Time will tell.

It’s a great group of people aboard “Crosswave,” AKA “J/World.” More on all of us in the next posts, but we’re five: Judy, Mark, Ryan, Eugenie and me.

We’ll try to stay in touch, but that will depend if anyone’s up for typing! We’ll at least post some lat/lon updates along the way. You can copy and paste these on Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, etc. and track us.