The following is the latest report from J World, nearing the California coast… sounds like they have been at sea way too long!

We would like to introduce the new people onboard so you are familiar with them when we arrive… You already know Simon, the autopilot who has been lazier than ever, only drove about half a day. Since then we have added Eddy the wheel, and Ray the chart plotter (always reliable tells us where we are and where we are going, even how fast and how long). Now our applause goes out to Bill the bilge pump who always works and never complains…. Walter the water-maker has also been a great help in our water consumption, and last but not least Lucy the head… this is a funny one: the head toilet seat has been loose, and everytime we went to the bathroom we would wiggle around. A couple of days out, Polly, with her british accent asks, “Have you always had problems with the loose seat?” but we all heard, “Have you always had problems with Lucy?” so we all wondered if there was someone else onboard we didn’t know about. Either way, we now go visit Lucy instead of going to the head. As for Rick, he keeps asking for Ruthie, and talks about Ruthie, Ruthie this and Ruthie that, she might as well be onboard.

So here’s a toast to everyone on the boat, off the boat and around the world! It’s a big ocean!

Capt. Eugenie and The J World crew…

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