California, here we come…

J World has made solid progress towards CA in our annual offshore cruise back to the mainland from Hawaii. In the solid NW breeze, they have been icking off the miles at a good pace, and are due in sometime on Wed. Here is skipper Eugenie’s report from over the weekend:

On friday we celebrated our last boat birthday… Polly’s. After breakfast, Polly had set up a treasure hunt thru-out the boat. She had put little electrical tape designs all over, including a boat, a smilly face, a flower, and so on… and the first one to find them all got a little chocolate cake (one I had actually saved from the plane over.. believe it!). Then as weather turned a bit south, we couldnt perform all the sailing skills drills we had planned, but she got a bracelet from Capt Euge, a song from Joe, and after a yumy dinner, we played a guessing game, with little notes of papers we had written out. Good fun, and happy boat birthdays to all.

The crew of J World