Getting there as fast as possible, without a spinnaker…

Bummed to pass this one along… But, people have friends and family meeting them on the island, flight schedules, jobs to return to, etc… Apparently, the decision to retire was a democratic vote and unanimous, with the objective to get to the island as directly and quickly as possible. -Barry


J World
23 35
147 30

Transpac Race Committee:

Please be advised that the vessel ‘J World’ is formally withdrawing from the 2009 Transpac. Vessel and crew are fine, and there are no issues beyond significant damage to our downind sail inventory!

Due to a variety of commitments, the crew has elected to engage the motor and to motor-sail a portion of the remaining distance in order to arrive in Hawaii in a timely fashion.

Please advise when convenient as to instructions for our arrival in Hawaii (whether we should still radio upon our arrival, and who to check in with for berthage assignments).

On behalf of the entire J World team, I thank you tremendously for a fantastic event! We look forward to participating again in 2011.

All the best,

Wayne Zittel