First was short lived!

It’s always nice to be on the top of the leader board, but it doesn’t really meaning anything on days one through three, as boats have cast their best interpretation of the pre-race weather analysis and the conditions they’ve been experiencing – all in an effort to minimize miles sailed and maximize boat speed in the right direction.

We’ve stuck to our original “Great Circle” strategy, with the hope and expectation that we’ll be on the southern edge of good (enough) pressure from the High without sailing too far north. We see no reason to go south – unless they continue to get good pressure and a lift right to Island.

We’ve been sailing with our blast reacher and genoa staysail up most of today. On the edge of wind direction and velocity several times to put up a kite, but have stayed in this configuration to maintain this course and make the boat relatively easy to handle. Still doing good speed, but I’m sure our competition are able to push a little harder with full crews of seasoned veterans. We’re doing 9-11 in wind of 17-20 from the north.

Though a couple of us have fought through various occasions of sea sickness, all are fine aboard the Hula Girl.

Sadly, our dry ice that was meant to last 4-6 days has given up on Day 3. Hopefully most of the fresh produce is good for a day or two. We might have to lose some of the non-cured lunch meats and eat softer cheese 😉

I think we have enough Snickers bars alone to make it to Hawaii, though.

Dark and foggy night, and warmer because of it. Looking forward to the growing moon, shedding more layers and a boat shower!

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3 replies
  1. Summer Wind
    Summer Wind says:

    Hi Barry and Crew,
    Have been able to get the track on Windows 7 and see you are doing great. Sorry to hear about the demise of the ice, but knowing you Barry you can make a feast out of the Snickers bars. May the wind be on your back and be safe.

    Dick and Elle on the Summer Wind

  2. michelle
    michelle says:

    I don’t know what to respond to, the J-World blog, or Summer Wind’s comment, which made me laugh out loud. Yes, Barry can make a meal out of Snickers Bars… give him a non-stick pan and watch him whip up magic! Enjoy!


  3. franco
    franco says:

    Hey Barry,
    After several attempts Google finaly let me creat an account. Looks like the GC strategy is paying off — wish I were there!!! Who needs dry ice anyway. Maybe you will catch a tuna, but the tracker says you are doing nine plus — that’s hard to troll by — here’s to fair winds, following seas, and great surfing. Best Frank

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