Day 9

Ok well, we are now heading straight for SF, heading 075M. It is hard at times, the seas big and winds have been top 20s for 48 hrs, hence the track north yesterday. All in all, Simon drives only when motor sailing in calm lake like conditions, so people generally tired from driving, but we are getting stronger. I am now in the mix of watches to give more relief… and it’s Annie’s birthday today!

At 1500 HST we are 39.53 x1 43.13. Seas are 12-15 winds 20+ from the S SE.

So yesterday failed attempt at retaping a tear in the mainsail; it took all 5 the effort, and great team work, but as soon as we re-raised the sail, the beautiful patch went flying away… the tear is along one of the cars at the top; how or why, I am still in awe. We are now waiting for calmness to redo, cuz i said failed attempt due to high seas, dampness, seas crashing, etc etc…

We have been surfing to speed records: Jenn holds firts at 15.3 kts; Nick 14.7 kts, and I 13 kts all with reefed main.

For gas- we’ve put in 2 jerry cans already since the fill-up in Hawaii, and will again when it calms down. Total 40 hrs of run, + 15.5hrs of idle for charging batts.

Other than that, ate the last of the mahi-mahi yesterday for dinner, and celebrating Jenn’s boat bday today. We will toss things to release bad past energies at Neptune and write letters of things to remember for her safe keeping!

We are ETAing 5-6 days… and people asking for champagne with welcoming commitee upon arrival. I perhaps a bottle of long-awaited sake!

Cheers, Euge