Day 8

Wayne here, and I’d like to offer a bit of explanation: At the start of the trip, ebrone aboard is given a ‘boat birthday,’ and when this given day arrives, that particular individual is given special treatment… a break from the watches, choice of menu items, massages… the whole works! So when you see them referring to all the birthdays, that’s the scoop (no, it’s not a boat-load of Leos!)…

0600 HST 35.35N x 152.18W

Winds super light all night, out of SE @8kts. We sailed thru it though 070 maybe at 4, 4.5 kts; giving the engine a break after refueling (we lost one little black screwy top) and giving everybody a chance to start practicing sailing downwind. Right now motor sailing, Simon (autopilot) driving. Winds still SW- at 7kts or so. The throttle (or prop) clacks at certain RPMs… wierd, i’ll check it later, everything else in great working order and everybody in great mood.

We did not do the radio check-in last nite, as i wanted to keep battery topped off by not turning the SSB nor the chart plotter.

Today is Ann’s boat birthday, she wants curry, and bean burritos, a back massage and new yoga poses. We made a pinata and cards. (the cards I got for mine are super). She doesn’t have to stand watch, which makes her super happy.

Caught a 30 pounder yesterday: Mahi-Mahi. It was an awesome fight…. and delicious.

Thanks for the Angelina update Barry, more please…