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Pacific Cup: Day 8/9

So on the wee morning hours on Wednesday, still some 900 miles from Hawaii, a mishap in the darkness led us to rip our last big chute. Big rip. Basically blew two long tears along two of the three edges. Ouch. We pulled out each of the damaged sails, and determined that none of them […]


So, we passed the halfway mark this morning. We are now closer to Hawaii than pretty much anywhere else. And we are farther from terra-firma (good ol’ dry land) than you are anywhere else on the planet. The weather is now nice and warm, and the water is an amazing shade of blue. Wow. In […]

Pac Cup Update: Day 5

As we tick off the miles towards Hawaii and shed the layers of foul weather gear, the team is really getting stronger. I knew from the outset that our performance in the event would largely depend on downwind driving. It’s pretty tough to get good at offshore downwind driving except by doing it, and the […]

Pacific Cup Update, Days 3 and 4: Spinnaker woes…

Our J World Team continues across the Pacific, bound for Hawaii, in the 2008 Pacific Cup. Good mileage was ticked off on Friday, and into the evening as solid broad reaching conditions in 18-24 knots continued. Unfortunately, spinnaker wows plagued us after dark, and we were forced to drop the chute near midnight. In the […]

Ukulele Music

The question we are all asking is how are we going to find these tiny islands out here in the middle of this vast ocean? The answer is that we turn on our stereo and have it scan the am and fm stations. When we start hearing ukulele music we know we are close and […]

Great Adventure!

To my family and all of my buddies at Sequoia YC, Coyote Pt YC, South Beach YC, Spinnaker Sailing Redwood City, The Waterbabies and the crew of Black Sheep. This is the great adventure. It was a thrill to lead the division through the golden gate. We hope to finish in the same fashion. Except […]

Pacific Cup – Day 2

Well, as the morning arrives on this third day of the Pacific Cup, we are starting to feel the joy. But it wasn’t always like this. Wednesday afternoon, shortly after 2pm, team J World charged across the starting line in front of the St. Francis Yacht Club. A good starboard end start and an early […]

Pacific Cup Update #1 – Ready to roll!

I am happy to report that all of our pre-race preparations are complete, and we are pretty much ready for the race to Hawaii. With the utter chaos of preparations behind us (yea! see the look of desperation on my face??), we now are free to focus on the racing. We just wrapped up a […]

Pac Cup Preview…

Busy Busy… So we haven’t been terribly good about keeping these posts regular. We have simply been swamped with classes, racing, and preparing for the Pacific Cup Race to Hawaii. With just over two weeks until the start, we are pretty close to ready. We went thru the boat and equipment inspection last week, and […]

Hello All – Summertime in San Francisco is a wonderful thing… whether you are racing in ‘the slot’ or heading to Angel Island for a lazy day barbecue, the Bay is sure to please. J World has a full range of courses running non-stop, and of course upcoming special events catering to cruisers and racers […]