Pacific Cup – Day 2

Well, as the morning arrives on this third day of the Pacific Cup, we are starting to feel the joy. But it wasn’t always like this. Wednesday afternoon, shortly after 2pm, team J World charged across the starting line in front of the St. Francis Yacht Club. A good starboard end start and an early tack out into the building flood had us leading our fleet under the Golden Gate into a 20+ knot westerly.
Once outside, we changed up to the #1 job expecting it to lighten a bit. The breeze backed off a bit, but by the time we were at the Farallones it had come on again, but it has also shifted around to the north a bit, so we eased the sheets, pressed the bow down, and said goodbye to (not so) sunny California.

By evening, the winds had built a bit, and the seas were quite lumpy. We throttled back and changed back to the #3, and rolled into the first night. Confused seas and some unrelenting breezes made it a tough night, and day two saw similar conditions until the later afternoon. But then, as if on cue, the wind eased down below the 20 knot mark, and began veering, so with sheets eased we charged into the second night with a much more comfortable situation.

At this morning’s radio check in, we discovered that a couple of our fleet are close by, but we still haven’t bee able to spot them. But they are too close for our liking, so with the wind getting farther behind is, we were able to get the spinnaker up, and now we are surfing along under mostly cloudy skies at about 8-12 knots. Yes indeed.

So that’s the immediate update. I think some of the team here will be adding their two cents worth in a bit too…



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    It is great to read your blog. I have never followed a sail before and hearing about what is happening as you sail is foreign (like when you said some of the others were getting too close – did that mean you were in danger or just that you want to be sure to stay ahead?) and exciting. Can’t wait to read the next post – hope it is soon.

    There was something on tv about the Pacific Cup race on Wednesday so I decided I’d check out your blog.

    . Know someone is checking your route often (even if I am not sure how to interpret some of the readings).Sending good luck to each of you and the J-World herself.


  2. jc
    jc says:

    I have been watching your progress via the satelite tracking and it looks as if Sleeping Dragon is first in your fleet. You appear to be in third. Hope all is well. Please keep the updates coming since it is fun to sail vicariously on J World.

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