J/105 Clinic Wrap Up

You know, I’m not the best salesman.  I don’t really believe in the hard sell process.  So whenever I have to write a wrap-up like the one I’m doing now, I hesitate at launching into what a great event we just had.  It just sounds too good to be true, like I am just blowing smoke and bragging beyond any possible reality.  But I swear it’s true….

We just finished a three day J/105 clinic in San Diego.   The weather?  Beautiful February.  Ok, I admit that wore a light jacket,  but never even thought of changing out of shorts.  Sunny, clear, nice breeze…  perfect breezes, actually, for our goals. The sailors?  We had participants from beautiful sailing venues all around the continent:  Seattle, Ontario, Chicago, New York, and of course California, to name a few. The coaches? We had a truly rockstar team with staff from our San Francisco, San Diego , and Puerto Vallarta locations coming together to provide a world-class experience.   Seriously, I can’t think of anything that could have been even a little bit better.




So a huge thank you to all of the 18 sailors who traveled to SD for the clinic….  it was an absolute pleasure to sail with all of you!  Thanks for all the positive feedback, an I am thrilled that you all had an enjoyable and beneficial time with us.  Thank you for all the kind words, and keep in touch!


For those of you who missed this one, we’ll be doing another J/105 clinic May 13-14-15, again in San Diego.  We expect this one will sell out too, so register early.





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  1. JAM
    JAM says:

    It really was an awesome weekend – we learned a ton and had a blast in the process … plus the weather was pretty perfect … we’re back in Chicago … in the snow … looking to our May 1st launch date!

  2. Paul Martson
    Paul Martson says:

    Had the opportunity to watch the J/World team in action during this event. It was primo! Location, facilities, weather, pacing, curriculum, coaches… All top shelf. Really looking forward to another J/World experience or three or so!

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