Transpac Opportunity!

So our program for the 2011 Transpac, the legendary race from LA to Hawaii every other year, has been sold out since last September…  BUT we have just had a couple cancel, so we now have two berths available on the 50 foot turbo sled, Hula Girl.  

The Transpac is arguably the world’s most famous offshore yacht race.  And one of the best.  Two-thousand miles of (mostly) downwind surfing through crystal clear waters and the warm trades.  There are already 65 entries signed up, including SIX Santa Cruz 50s…  this is going to be an epic fleet in an epic race.

J/World’s Hula Girl Reaching into Hawaii

Our Hula Girl programs set off with six crew and three of our world-class coaches.  Everyone gets an opportunity to participate in everything aboard, including navigating, trimming, and driving.  Our offshore racing programs have earned quite the reputation for being a ton of fun and tremendously beneficial…  and if you miss out on this opportunity, the next chance to get aboard won’t be until 2012.

For more about Hula Girl, visit here.  For more about the Transpac with J/World, go here.

To learn about specifics or get a copy of the Team brief, contact us!

Wayne Zittel and the J World Team