Super Cool from Supercomputers

At this time of year when everyone seems to be gazing backwards and looking at the big picture of the past year, I thought I’d share a global view of a different sort.  For us sailing nerds, this is amazingly cool (get ready to waste some time).   Click here

Wow, this is too awesome.  You can view the globe in any projection, and the winds at various altitudes (click the text ‘earth’ to pull up the settings menu).  Move forward in time for the forecasts.  Click on a location, and you get wind speed and direction.  Thanks to our friend Rich, creator of iNavX, for bringing it to our attention!

Anyway, as a final note, we here at J/World want to thank you all for being a part of our team.  We wish all of you and yours a continued happy holiday season, and fantastic new year!

Fair winds, and following seas, as they say.  And maybe you can use the above map to find them!

All the best,

Wayne Zittel and the J World Team