Sunshine and Daydreams…

The San Diego Hot Rum is a tremendously fun event…  In the days-long-gone (before the Age of Litigation) the entry fee was a bottle of rum (or a couple, depending on the size of your crew).  While the sailors were finding their way around the racecourse, all the entry fees were ‘compiled’ in large vats, to which copious amount of whatever constitutes ‘hot butter’ were added, and voila…  the makings far a great post race winter party were complete.

Nowadays, everything is pretty much the same.  The boats may be sleeker and faster but the weather and good times persist.  That picture above is San Diego in late November, Hot Rum #2 of 2013, beautiful day, big fleet, and Point Loma lurking in the background.  Somewhere close to 80 degrees.  Not too shabby.

Things running full tilt right now in San Diego and Puerto Vallarta.  Get your sailing on.


Wayne Zittel and the J World Team