Shuffle Play

Shuffle Play…

Ok, we knew the racing out here in the 2011 Transpac Race from LA to Hawaii was tight, but this is ridiculous. So we were a bit slow at the start and dropped to fifth place early, but immediately started coming on strong and reeling the fleet in. Then we got past Deception and into 4th, but the next day they rallied and managed to get back in front of us. A couple of good moves and hard sailing moved us into third behind Horizon and Allure the following day, then an incredibly close day yesterday saw us still in third, but now it’s Deception in front of us, and Flaca in 4th with Allure dropping to fifth. So, did you follow that??

Cliff notes version: it’s crazy close in the SC50 fleet right now. Basically after nearly 2000 miles of open ocean racing and a little over a week underway, one shift can make or break it all (and it’s shifty out here!). With Horizon sitting in a solid lead, second thru fifth places in the six boat division are completely up for grabs. The team has been working hard non-stop. The resolve of the ‘Hulagins’ has been strengthened.

Lighter than hoped for breezes have slowed the pace a bit, but we are still working towards a finish sometime tomorrow, probably in the evening. How’s this all going to play out? Anybody’s guess at the moment… We’ll keep you posted…

All the best,

Wayne Zittel and the J World Team

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