PV Race Pictures…

Well, we have put to bed the 2012 San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race.  It was a tale of two extremes…  the initial winds run with great surfing and wild rides, then a couple of days of calm, drifting as a painted ship on a painted sea.  But more than any of that, it was an adventure of a great crew.

A special thank you goes out to Drew for pulling this group together…  Joel, Rick, Mark, Lee, it was great sailing with each and every one of you.  These offshore races can be challenging on both physical and mental levels.  As individuals and as a team, you all not only overcame any hurdles thrown in our way, but seemed to thrive on any challenges (strong breeze, or a lack thereof and a test of patience).  And a huge thank you to coaches/watch captains Josh and Rob for their efforts at both getting the boat down the course quickly and making sure everyone aboard had a fun and beneficial experience!

Now were are setting up for MEXORC…  we’ll keep posting updates as we can!

Best Regards,

Wayne Zittel and the J World Hula Girl Team

Leaving San Diego Bay and Point Loma
The Windy Run – Hula Girl loves this stuff!
Rick with a steady hand on the helm in some serious surfing conditions…
We cranked up some pretty good speeds on the first two days…  consistent 15s, numerous +20’s…
Rob Driving.  Joel Trimming.  Hula Girl Surfing.
Lee (aka Disco Queen) hamming it up….
Great Joel…  we give you the wheel, and you break the wind…
The Calm Continued….
Lee makes friends with our company.  Once they bonded, it was unlikely we would be getting any Sushi.
This Yellowtail followed us for miles…  well, ok, maybe not miles since we were hardly moving, but probably 6 hours…
Good time for showers and a quick swim in the light stuff.  Lee cooling off…  friend still behind us.
Hula Girl loving life again…  back in the breeze.  Code 0 and staysail.
Skinny boat, fun sailing….
Final run to the finish in perfect conditions.  Now this is what I’m talking about.  Later, the full moon rose directly in front of us, and we glided to a 2am finish off Punta Mita.