We here at J World have been working hard at our offshore racing and cruising programs.  These special events take a tremendous amount of work, time, money, and energy to put together and pull off in “J/World” style.  That’s why it’s always fun and gratifying after the fact to hear how much everyone enjoyed it…  and we keep in touch with alumni from years (and decades!) past, so it’s good to know that what we are doing is working.

And now it’s cool to hear the the ‘main-stream’ sailing media has heard the news about what we are doing.  In fact, SAIL Magazine featured us in their November issue in an article on Pay-to-Play Programs…  and they ran a great shot of our Hula Girl reaching into Hawaii (thanks again for the photo, Rob Grant!).

Our offshore programs are like no others I know of.  The number of clients aboard is extremely low.  And the level of participation is incredibly high.  You are a truly active and integral member of the team.  We don’t load the boat with clients to the point where no one gets to do anything.  We won’t just park you over a grinding pedestal.   And we aren’t just  taking you for a ride like so many other big boat programs.  You are sailing the boat.  You get to drive, trim, navigate…  whatever your interests are, we’ll be sure that you get to exercise that muscle.
And we are competitive…  3rd in the Pacific Cup, 4th in Transpac, 3rd in Cabo Race…  and stay tuned for the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race, MEXORC, and the next Pac Cup!
If you have ever dreamed of getting aboard a turboed offshore boat and really sailing her, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss how to take your sailing to the next level, and how to have the adventure of a lifetime in the process…
All the best,
Wayne Zittel and the J World Team