Pac Cup Redux Redux

Yep, as promised, here’s the ‘gag reel’ that Kevin put together. For our friends and family at home: this is to help you know what happens to fully grown men when they are deprived of sleep for long periods, exposed to the elements, and fed a steady diet of freeze dried spaghetti (or Beef Stroganoff?) and Cliff bars. Please understand that when we come home from an overnight race, we are a bit mental. And this is (or should be) a cry for help. And to the crew, all I have to say is that really, you should all be ashamed of yourselves…

Ok, actually that wasn’t too bad… except for that thing about moving Tom’s leg… really, what was that?? Even so, why do I suspect that sometime, somewhere, this will be entered into a courtroom as “Exhibit X…”

Oh well…

So for those of you NOT frightened off by all of this, we have the Newport to Cabo Race coming up in March. Still a couple of spots open aboard Hula Girl.

Wayne Zittel and the Hula Girl Team