Our New Sportboat Fleet!

J World Announces the Launch of our New Sportboat Fleet!

J World, the Performance Saioing School, proudly announces the launch of our newest fleet boat, the prototype J/.08! The boat implements all the latest design characteritics and build techniques. The hull is a graceful postmodern mix of styles, with a modified AC bow and a trluy plumb stern to maximize waterline length. The detached rudder kicks up for beach landings (and at random inappropriate moments), and can double as an oar for those lovely light air days.

Since the boat makes use of sawdust ballasting (far easier to manage than water ballast tanks), we were able to eliminate the keel entirely. With no keel to protect the prop, We decided to eliminate the sail drive as well. Besides, you’ve got that oar/rudder thingy.

The boat is of composite construction, implementing the lates SCIMP technology with layers of the new 3M ‘Arbol’ and Elmers glue. Galvinized nails used throughout.

Weight aloft has met unprecedented savings by the elimination of the entire rig. Without a keel, it’s really all we could do. So admittedly performance on some points of sail will be lacking, but it is more than made up for with the gift of a rating.

The picture above shows captian Eugenie making final preparations before hull #1 slides down the ways in San Pancho, Mexico.

All the best, and enjoy your day,

Wayne Zittel and the J World Team