New Facility at Jack London Square

So, for you loyal blog followers, we have a bit of a sneak preview on two very exciting developments here at J World… First off, we will be offering classes from a THIRD San Francisco Bay Area sailing school location in the next month. Ok, it’s really more of an extension of our Alameda facility, but we are thrilled that we will be offering courses from the famous Jack London Square at the Oakland waterfront!

This hotel is front-and-center amidst the restaurants, shops, coffee houses, bookstores, and nightclubs… not to mention the great marina. The Waterfront Plaza has just undergone a complete renovation, and is offering great room rates to all our students. We are excited to offer this new location to increase the sailing opportunities for our clients!

So that’s one bit of news… and for the other bit, I am going to make you wait a couple of days… but you are going to like this one too!

In the meantime, we are getting ready for our cruise down to Mexico. We still have berths available on our J 120, with four legs to choose from. If you have ever dreamed of cruising south, now is your chance… a real education-vacation! Sail with us from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, or from Santa Barbara to San Diego… or, head for Mexico with us! More info on our cruise to Mexico is here…