Hula Home From Hawaii!

Looks like we just had space open up in our annual offshore cruise from Hawaii to California.  This is truly a wonderful passage and an excellent opportunity to rack up some offshore miles under the watchful tutelage of a renowned J World Instructor.  Visit here for more info, or contact us now!

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  1. Jorge (Austin, TX)
    Jorge (Austin, TX) says:

    To anyone reading this post, and considering doing this trip, I have three words for you: JUST DO IT! This trip will change your life! The spot won’t last long… take it soon before it’s GONE! You will sail one of the longest stretches of ocean in the world, with a world-class skipper, aboard a world-class boat. You will experience the beauty of the “Blue Planet” like you never thought possible. When you first ponder the magnitude of this trip you will realize how vast the planet is, but upon your return you will understand how small it really is. Each day the sunrise and the sunset will be the best you have ever seen, until the next day. You will sail at night by the moonlight and you will see the moon rise and set like you never have before. You will see the stars and the planets and if you reach up with your hands you may be able to grab them… and if you are lucky one morning, you might sail through a lone rain shower as the sun is rising in front of you, and when you sail out of the cloud and when the warm and gentle rain stops and parts like a curtain in front of you, don’t forget to look BACK from where you came, and you might be greeted by the most spectacular double rainbow you have ever seen in your life, projected on the rain you just sailed through. I am sure every trip on the Hula Girl is different, and every trip is magical in its own way… Take this trip and discover your own magical moments! I did this trip a couple years ago and I would do it again in a heartbeat! JUST DO IT!!!

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