Hula Girl Pacific Cruise Report

Wednesday August 6

Well, we had an eventful day today. It started with calm seas and the need to motor then we hit a pile of submerged fishing nets/ropes – it wrapped our prop and then the fun began. We spent the next hour cutting and clearing the prop. Three of us went in to take turns being effectively keel hauled. I went out to haul in our sea anchor (a ton of fishing nets/roped stuck to our fishing line – felt like I was hauling in a 100 pound fish) but it did stop the boat from drifting. Ultimately Jasper needed to be kicked out of the water since he stabbed himself (minor injury but we preferred no blood in the water – nice traveling with a nurse and MD). And Chris methodically continued to saw away at the mess below the waterline. After an hour we were free again and more importantly the motor still worked – good as ever. Now we are making about 8.5 KT on the rhumb line for home! Seas are glassy, the moon just set and there is no wind. Let’s hope for no more trash encounters this evening.

Mid-Pacific:  out here, you are farther from dry land than you can get anywhere else on the planet.

The fish we hooked today got away, which was a mighty disappointment, but we try again in the morning. The menu has taken a hit as the fishing has slowed and the rations have dwindled…hope for better culinary news tomorrow.

Hope all is well on the mainland!

Sparky reporting from somewhere in the vicinity of 33 51.187 by 140 20.862

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