25 Mile Check-in!!!

Just got a call from Transpac Race Committee that Hula Girl and the boys are 25 nautical miles out from the Diamond Head finish!!!  That puts them there at 5:30 p.m. HST and about 45 minutes later at the dock.  Though I’m not on the boat, I’ve been there several times before… No matter where you are in your fleet, the anticipation of landfall and the reflection on an immense personal and team accomplishment is wondrous when you make that 100 mile call… And then that 25 mile call…  (and you begin to salivate and think you smell pineapple and rum!!!)

25 miles to go, and I’m beyond proud of our team.  On most days I might have a beer after work.  Tonight I’m going to have a Mai Tai!

Nice job guys!


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  1. David Barten
    David Barten says:

    What an AWESOME trip on transpac 2013 this year. Geoff and Chris did an amazing job of building our team and keeping us focused and charging hard. Having never sailed this far offshore I was glad to be a part of this team and look forward to more.

    We didn’t even think Wayne was on the boat till we got half way and someone looking like him with a beard shows up at happy hour with fresh Guacamole!! omg how good was that.

    Wayne is an amazing sailing coach, team builder, and can sail the salt of this boat on any point of sail while making it look easy, laughing all the way, and passing on the knowledge to the crew….

    What a Great Campaign this has been….

  2. Wjleone
    Wjleone says:

    Congratulations to the crew and captain. Followed the trip every day on yellow brick. Can hardly wait for my turn!
    Bill Leone

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