2014 Pacific Cup Charter Available

We here at J World know it is extremely difficult to find good, fast charterboats available for racing events.  Too often, ‘race ready’ boats are not competitive.  Too often, they are not really offshore ready (complying with all race requirements, certified liferafts, etc. etc).  This means, unfortunately, that we are usually restricted to racing in our home waters, or we have to spend a lot of money and wear-and-tear moving our boats around on trailers or deliveries.  And when it comes to a premier event like the race from California to Hawaii, it can be almost impossible to source a good ride.

J120 At Speed!

Well, we here at J World have decided to make our J120 available for charter for events here on the West Coast, including the 2014 Pacific Cup.  We are offering the boat as a bareboat (to fully qualified teams), or we can help provide coaches/crew who are familiar with the boat and the event, and would be a great asset to any campaign.

So if you have always dreamed about racing across the Pacific to the Islands but float your boat in a distant pond, here’s a way to make it happen…

Contact us early (now!) for more info…

Wayne Zittel and the J World Team