20,000?? Seriously??

During one of our J/World Racing Weeks in San Francisco back some year and a half ago, we had some serious breeze-on one of the days. Against my better judgment, we set the kite (one of the big ones; we didn’t have a shy kite aboard that day), and we flew from the Bay Bridge to, well, way south. Jibing was out of the question. Here you go… listen to the boat hum!

Shortly after this clip was taken, we had a pretty good broach. In fact, you can hear me say “George, do me a favor…” he stops the tape just as I tell him to put the camera down, get the vang in his hand, and scoot back!

Skiny, the student driving, is a writer for Intersection Magazine. In his article he described the wild planing and subsequent crash as follows: “The only way to understand what happened next is to drive at top speed down a highway in a Lamborghini Murcielago… naked, with the windows down, and your body covered in Vicks Vapor Rub.” Indeed. Don’t know that I would have phrased it that way, but I think we understand what he means.

So the video has been up on You Tube for a year now, and has nearly 21,000 views?!? Seriously?!? For a crappy nine second clip… no offense, George (camera) and Skiny (Actor, Director), Spoon (supporting). What’s wrong with us sailors?!? Of course, I went on to spend another hour looking at random sailing clips of all varieties…

Anyway, thanks for your support, all you nut-jobs. Now get back to work.

No, wait, here’s another video. A bit slow at the start, but it’s a great finish. Been there / done that (see above). And I don’t know if they are nuts or heroes, as it must be pretty cold. As I write this on Jan. 5 in flip-flops at our Puerto Vallarta office, I readily admit I am getting softer in my increasing years. Some call it softer; I like to call it wiser.

Now that we have frightened off anyone thinking about learning to sail, just know that it’s not as bad as it looks… notice the smiles at the end of it? I don’t think anyone there was complaining.


Wayne Zittel and the J World Team