Come Join Us: Hawaii to California Offshore Cruise

That’s one big blue marble… and that’s our Hula Girl just about in the middle of the eastern Pacific Ocean while sailing from Hawaii to San Francisco last summer.  This shot was taken as we cut thru the edge of the Pacific High (notice the lack of wind?) and paused to take a dip.  Over the entire distance exceeding 2000 miles, I think we only motored about 6 hours.  For most of the trip, we had excellent conditions and the girl Hula’d all the way to CA.

We still have a couple of berths open on this year’s passage.  We’ll be meeting in Hawaii on July 25 and shoving off shortly thereafter.  Yours truly will be the lead skipper/instructor aboard.  So if you want to broaden your horizons and want to learn what true offshore cruising is all about, there is no better opportunity.

For the tale of last year’s trip, visit here.

To become a part of this year’s journey, call us at 800-910-1101 or email

All the best,

Wayne Zittel and the J World Team

Congrats to ReignMaker…

Ok, I know I have been slow getting posts up…  but that what happens when there is seriously too much to report on!

First off, congrats to J World alum Geoff for winning their division in the Swiftsure race.  Said Geoff:  “Thanks to you and the J-World staff for the knowledge and skills gained at J-World.”  Good on ‘ya Geoff…  he’s had many successes, and we expect many more.

ReignMaker on the way to a class win…

Meanwhile, I just got back from a couple of day cruise aboard our J/160.  We sailed the impressive J/111 down in San Diego (one sweet and quick ride!).  The AC cats have been tearing up San Francisco Bay…  very impressive machines!  Hula Girl is nearly readied for the upcoming Transpac Race to Hawaii.  And our learn-to-sail and cruising courses are keeping us all busy now that the weather in the Bay Area has turned wonderful.  So that’s what we have been up to…  

…  and I’ll be back soon with more fun stuff that you can get into!

Wayne Zittel and the J World Team