2008 Singlehanded Farallones Report…

Timo onboard the SF Bay based J/120 Twist sent us this following abbreviated account of the 2008 Singlehanded Farallones Race last weekend… oh the roller-coaster of sailboat racing! Thanks for sharing, Timo…

Summary of the day: – backwards start – what’s with Jam Session? – best start? – go for ebb – tack, tack, tack – Alchara catches up… how the hell? – match race mighty Alchara – choppy seas, decent wind – Outsider hikes! – first at rock? – set the kite – donate flesh – kite bad idea… 20+ degrees low of home – tack down, sheet in, heat up, HOLD ON! – tiny roundup (x2) – medium roundup – wind builds – tiny roundup – bigger roundup – wish for crew – parallel to R2 – wind goes from 17 to zero in 3 seconds – what the fuck? – kite wraps mast – down kite, up jib – mutiny, happy, mutiny, happy (repeat 5x) – drift towards shore near mile rock – too close to rocks – engine on – 9 hours sailing – dnf – wife at dock – lovely sight – put away boat – nighty night

Strictly Sail Pacific

So we just spent the past five days at the Stricly Sail Pacific boatshow in Jack London Square, Oakland, right across the water from our Alameda office. We had a J/80 in the water at the show docks, and another giving sailboat rides for the Discover Sailing group… and we make the Channel 2 News… click here for the clip. We’ll post some more photos and genral observations fornt the show in a day or two…

J Fest San Francisco 2008

Well, yours truly was still down in Mexico, so I missed J Fest this go-around, but it sounds like it was a great weekend… nice warm weather and good sailing for all fleets. Here’s a short photo collection set to music… Thanks for sharing, Serge…

Hello Friends and Alumni –
Well, the whale sightings are getting less frequent in Banderas Bay (but we did see a baby breaching some 20+ times just yesterday!), so it must be warming up in the wintry north… and sure enough, we have a lot of people excited about getting back out on the Bay. Tons of things going on and a couple of exciting announcements:
All kinds of great things cross our desk every day here, and we’ve decided that it would be fun to share them in an informal environment… so we started a blog. We’ll try to update it regularly, but honestly it will probably take some practice until it becomes habitual, so bear with us! Here you go… http://sailing-jworld.blogspot.com/
Strictly Sail Pacific
The big all-sailboat show is going on in Oakland this week… this is “Largest Sailing Marketplace West of the Mississippi,” so don’t miss it! And when you are there, come on by and say hi… we will be out on the docks with one of out J/80s and hope to see you! http://www.strictlysail.com/
NEW PROGRAM: Boat Share by J World
Ok, we are excited to announce the launch of a new program from J World… Boat Share by J World is a fractional ownership program which allows you to co-own exciting sailboats. The cost of ownership is a fixed rate that is remarkably low. Our first boat in the program, a beautiful J/92, is now available for (partial) purchase. For details about the program, give us a call or come by the boat show!
April / May Cruising Classes
Come explore the Sea of Cortez on our Spring Cruise. We have two spectacular legs to choose from, each one offering an opportunity to experience one of the world’s great cruising grounds. Abundant sea life, unspoiled beauty and accommodating weather provides the perfect setting for instruction aboard our J/120 with Capt. Eugenie!
Seven Day Live-aboard cruise – Apr 26-May 2 -Puerto Vallarta to La Paz
Seven Day Live-aboard cruise – May 4-10 – La Paz to San Carlos
Click here for more info on these special cruises, and here for information pertaining to our standard live-aboard cruising classes.
Racing Weeks
Our renowned racing classes are running in San Francisco April 28 and May 19. These courses cover everything from sail trim and boat-handling to rules and tactics. Get faster, sail smarter, win races. Regardless of what type of boat you sail and where you sail it, this class will send you home ready to take on all comers Intro and Advanced
Hawaii to San Francisco Cruise
At the beginning of August, we will be conducting an offshore cruising class which will take students from the Hawaiian Islands to San Francisco. Following the sailing route northward around the Pacific High, this is a great opportunity to gain some valuable offshore experience. More on this offshore cruising class…
Private Instruction
This season has just gotten started, and J World instructors have already been booked for private sessions in Chicago, Valle de Bravo, and Hawaii… We have top level racing coaches who can provide valuable insights to your trim, technique, and teamwork. Additionally, our private programs for boat owners have been used by boat brokers, boat builders, and insurance companies to train and educate both new and experienced sailors to the techniques and skills necessary for the efficient and safe operation of their vessels. Finally, when you are ready to stretch your legs and head offshore for the first time, consider taking a J World instructor on the passage. Learn good habits from the start, and have an enjoyable and safe passage!
All the best,
Wayne Zittel & the J World Team