Never Gets Old….

Earlier this week, we jumped on a rare convergence of ‘gap-in-the-schedule’ with ‘perfect-weather-window’ to run Hula Girl from our SF base to San Diego in anticipation of the 2015 Newport to Cabo Race coming up in March.  We had some nice sailing at the outset, but on day 2 a high pressure down in southern California killed the breeze…  but it also smoothed out ocean and cleared up the skies.  Man, was it beautiful.  Absolutely crazy visibility coming down the coast.  At Point Conception we could see the oil platforms from over 20 miles out.  A ship passed seaward.  AIS showed her to be 12 miles away, but I kept having to do double takes:  she was so clear, I would have sworn it was a 30 foot  model boat 100 yards off (not a 800 foot ship 12 miles away!).  Absolutely surreal.

Then the dolphins came.  We see them all the time up and down the coast, but in the sunset lighting and a glassy sea, this was a great encounter…  this absolutely never gets old.



So sadly the Cabo Race is full, but we are booking berths in the 2016 San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race and the 2016 Pacific Cup!