2011 Cabo Race Wrap Up

Wow what a blast.  The 2011 Cabo Race delivered some great sailing, and some great times.  I am very proud of the team we had aboard J World’s Hula Girl:  well done Eric, Drew, Mark, Beverley, Tom and Fred!  It was a pleasure to meet and sail with each and every one of you.  And many thanks to the coaches Chris and Josh for the fantastic work of overseeing a safe and fast voyage.  Here’s the team happy to be in Cabo:

Everyone aboard rose to the many challenges of the 2011 event, and it showed:  Third place in our hotly contested class, and fifth overall out of 31 boats!  Nicely done, team.  Here’s the awards ceremony on the beach in Mexico (and no, Josh didn’t hurt his foot on the boat, it was during shore leave in Mexico…  that’s what happens to a sailor when the ground under his feet gets too stable!):

We’ll post a picture of the trophy once we get it…  nicely done gang!  For those of you interested in some offshore adventure opportunities, we have one berth left in the 2011 Transpac!

Next up:

Race Week in Puerto Vallarta, starting April 11
Strictly Sail Boatshow in Oakland, April  14-17
J/105 Racing Clinic, May 28-29


Wayne Zittel & The J World Team